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“A tourist knows where he has to go, but a traveler doesn’t” – So many times in our leisure time we might have thought of travelling across the globe, but in reality we even didn’t peep into our vicinity thoroughly. And if someone asks us why, we just lightheartedly say, we didn’t get ample time. But deep in our heart we can’t ignore the call of an endless road, the call of shining stars and the call of a roaring sea. This is why our heart resonates with the names like Kashmir, Kerala or Switzerland.

We are Think Travel, a new generation travelling concept that believes in the philosophy of both the generations; value for money and value for time. After pondering over every aspect of travelling and surveying all the budget pockets we have come up with ample travelling ideas that will serve leisure travelling desire in tiniest pocket size.

For the lovey-dovey couples, we have arranged Honeymoon trip that will be engraved in their minds for the rest of their lives. To tickle the adrenaline gland of our adventurous friends, we have searched for a plenty of almost unknown and exotic virgin places where they can explore their Columbus spirit. For the aged people, our pilgrimage packages are made in a way that serves all the facilities an aged would ask for. Our wings of services are spread to match the desire of a world traveler to the demand of a college troop.

We pledge to make travelling a need for human soul and thus we are giving our hands to serve everyone despite of age and class.


Making travelling more interesting and cherishable that it can slowly become a part of human life.


Making a niche in the arena of world travelling and leave a mark of excellence through incomparable services.

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